St. Charles, IL, then Philadelphia, PA, and Old Towne, Chicago, IL

May 27, 2017

The Summer is Shaping up.

I am excited to be exhibiting in many new shows around the US this year.

Be sure to come and and see my latest work. Lots of new and exciting pieces have come out of this year’s long winter in the studio. I look forward to seeing everyone.



modern living room with leather chair, fireplace and landscape encaustic

modern living room with leather chair, fireplace and landscape encaustic

Arrived Safely in Switzerland!

October 28, 2014


Halde Galerie

New Works Arrive at Halde Galerie, Widen, Switzerland.

A series made specifically for the Swiss gallery arrives to make an impression.

After visiting the gallery last summer, what  beautiful country, it was amazing to have the demand for more work require a few more pieces to be sent over. I am excited at the opportunity. Stay tuned to see what happens!

One of 6 Great Designer Spaces

December 15, 2013


Style at Home (

November 11, 2013

Take a note from the experts — these six designer spaces are sure to inspire.

Peter Fallico’s dining room makeover

One big change Peter made to the dining room was painting the wainscotting. Though the wood was in fine condition, painting it white brightened up the space and giving it an elegant updated look. Though natural wood is beautiful, sometimes painting it can actually increase the resale value of the home.



Another Episode of Property Income, Season 8 (Erin)

November 23, 2013

season8incomepropertywebLovely Space

Once again a piece has found it’s way into an amazing setting on one of my favourite shows on HGTV.

This time it is an amazing and large encaustic, 60 x 30 inches, feautring the soft blues and pinks of spring magnolias.

I love the way the colours work together in this room to create an elegant, yet comfortable setting.

Interior Design: Melissa Davis, HCMD Design

Thank you Canvas Gallery, once again for promoting my work.




Commission Season!

March 22, 2013

magnolia, 24x28 UFPerhaps a new trend?

Commissions on the rise this year.

It may be a sign of the times or that consumers/art lovers have decided to take charge of the artwork they purchase. Some may not realize that you can get artwork to suit your spatial needs and do not know that they do not have to keep searching forever for that perfect pieces in the exact size needed. Lovers of art sometimes find this idea a bit difficult to understand or digest. But for those people who love an artist’s work, but have limited space or only have that one spot they want to fill, they can sometimes get a piece that suits their needs sized to order. That is of course within reason and must be something that the artist is able and willing to accomplish. Lately, I find it happens quite frequently and I am very happy to work with people who love what I do, but really want the perfect sized piece for them.

Keep in mind that this can be done directly with an artist or through a gallery that the artist works with. I always have lots of work on display in various locations, but I am very happy to see more commissions develop from the works that you see out there! Talk to gallery directors, tell them I sent you. Be in touch and let’s get you some art.

Awesome Designer Dvira Ovadia & Canvas Gallery Make Great Rooms!

February 16, 2013


Income Property

Episode #67 – Cliff & Thyrza

I always love seeing the final destination of my work. The amazing presentation and environments pieces find themselves in is so lovely to see. The designer of this show really has an amazing sense of colour and my piece really works so beautifully in this room. This looks so great!